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With GTXMail.com, users get a unique and reliable email and communication platform that goes far beyond “one size fits all”.

GTXMail.com stands for innovative, professional, and secure communication.

We provide a new email and collaboration service that acts as the center of your online communications and also offers the benefits of a professional, neutral email address.

Our team of qualified IT specialists follows all current technological trends and successfully applies these to implement new product features. This means that you, the user, benefit from constant development of our email service and can be assured that you will also use an up-to-date, unique service in the future.


Manage several accounts under one roof. Email overload is a thing of the past!


Organize your personal and business contacts. Create groups and mailing lists.


Plan events and set your schedule. Create private, shared or public calendars.


Store and share your important files. Send large files as links.

Why Choose Us

GTXMail has been around since 1999 and is an established player in the secure email space. We offer a secure alternative to Gmail or Outlook. GTXMail  has some unique features that could make it an ideal email service for your needs.

Super Efficient
Deeply Committed